What Makes Art-Art? By Tina Bryan

I was pretty narrow -minded when I started here at the gallery over 4 years ago. I found out my graphic design background with its fine lines balance and form was lost in a world of inspiration, expression and freedom, the art world!  Maybe it started in grade school with the” staying in the lines when you color” teaching, a religious type of ritual but also a teaching tool for the inexperienced. We have to start somewhere to appreciate the vulnerability that goes along with this art freedom.  Now I admire the various styles and mediums of these talented artists.  I seem to connect on a different level, one I don’t really understand but one I don’t feel I need to understand.  I just can sit back; enjoy it as it takes you through an array of emotions, thoughts and memories. I have come to recognize many of the art pieces of the 60+ artists we have in our Art Rental & Sales Program. The style, the content, and the beauty of each piece comes across with each brush stroke, sculpture and fabric art piece, the many mediums used, watercolour, oil, acrylic and so much more.   So what makes art-art? Take the works of Alf Crossley, Sonja Gartner and Steve Howard. They all have different mediums but each one stays true to their values, passions and environment. If you read their bios it gives you insight into their expression of the art they create. If you look on the website you will read of the passion of the artist in each bio, it seems to be a line to life, expression and peace.

Alf Crossley

“Lakes End” Alf Crossley
Oil on Canvas 25″ x 45″

Alf Crossley expresses a love for nature through his artwork. His style combines both impressionism and expressionism and the rural setting of Pass Creek just outside of Castlegar where Alf makes his home is the perfect situation for painting “en plein air”. His favourite medium is oils as they offer more flexibility when painting outdoors for their slow drying qualities. He never paints from a photograph preferring the experi-ence of being part of nature and being charged and inspired by his locale. He attended Vancouver School of Art from 1961-65 which later became known as Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. He studied with other Canadian greats such as Jack Shadbolt, Takao Tanabe and Don Jarvis

Sonya Gartner

“Perspectives” Sonja Gartner
Oil on Canvas 36″ x 36″

Sonja Gartner
“I consider myself a “naïve painter of the esoteric world”. The message of my paintings is of a deeply spiritual nature—I want to engage the viewer into thinking “beyond” – beyond religion, belief systems, old programming, and cultural influences. “Know thyself”, to me, is the key to wisdom and understanding. If you add love to that equation, you will have harmony and peace. The repetitive images of my work dem-onstrate how every line, every shape is part of a whole, and every little part has a relationship with its surroundings, and affects them in a very personal way. Every painting speaks of the microcosm/macrocosm concept of nature or the world around us.”

Steve Howard

“Dawn” Steve Howard
Acrylic on Board 26″ x 19″

Steve Howard
“I am witness to and participant in the evolution of the Human experience. My experiences and that of the collective are connected through time and space by Web . Strong yet delicate, weaving together the richly textured story of life, flowing from the past to the present and through the future. This web connects us all making us all One. One with nature, with universal love, with creation. I use everyday objects both man-made and natural as well as colour, texture, shadow and form to express my perspective on, and place within this story. By layering paint, found objects, photography collage, and sculpture I strive to create windows into new realms , realms seen in the mind’s eye, the soul or perhaps, a dream state. To make these windows, I gather fragments from time and space, whispers from the layers that make up what we do and do not see, experiences generated by emotions spirituality & other human conditions. I paint compressed moments which express the flow of life’s endless spirals, the rhythms of the Earth.”

I found this short article and thought I’d share it with you.

What Does Art Mean To You? …There are many art authors who all recognize 3 major characteristics in all art pieces. Some of these authors list more than this, but we will for now only go over 4 of them. The first and most obvious characteristic of art is that it is man-made and also that it is intentional. Whatever the medium be it painting, sculpture, film, dance, or theatre it was created for the purpose of being a work of art. Art is made out of something (elements) be it paint, words, waves of sound which are all formed through a type of expression.

Another characteristic of art is that these works of art always exhibit the artist’s attitudes, feelings, and thoughts. Through these pieces or compositions expressions are then able to be communicated and instilled into the general public.

The third and most exciting characteristic of art is that it is original. Every piece or play or song that has ever been created is done from scratch, it is the result of the culmination of experiences that artist has had in their lives. Artists have the ability to take things apart, then take those pieces and reform them into something new.

The last common characteristic of art is that people accept that it is art. If art is to be art then people must believe so. Art does not require that it be appreciated, it can even be considered disgraceful as long as society recognizes it as art. – See more at: http://www.thelifeofluxury.com/what-does-art-mean-to-you/#sthash.WwZbj3cZ.dpuf  February 2010 By lIvelux Art & Culture

I am still a little lethargic to get started to find my way out of the lines but when I do I know it will be freeing. Challenge yourself to be vulnerable and color outside the lines with me… The Boundary Sketching  Group  meets on Thursdays at the gallery from 6:30-8:30 to draw and paint.  If you’re interested in finding out what they do please contact Nora Curiston rattlesnaik@hotmail.com or Terry Woodruff at 250 442 2211.

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