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  • Days of Augusta

Days of Augusta

Robert Keziere

January 17 - March 14, 2015

Robert Keziere is one of Vancouver’s lesser known photographers. While his may not be a household name you may have seen his work documenting the social and cultural growth of Vancouver since the 1970’s in his role as chief photographer …

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  • Works on Paper

Works on Paper

Jack Shadbolt - 1909-1998

January 17 - April 18, 2015

Jack Shadbolt (1909 – 1998) is one of Canada’s most important artists. He is known for his paintings and murals that draw from his personal experiences and from the social and political conflicts that have taken place in British Columbia …

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  • A Sociological Sensiblity

A Sociological Sensiblity

William Featherston - 1927 - 2009 :

January 17 - April 18, 2015

In her obituary of Featherston in the Globe and Mail Sandra Martin wrote, “ Politically engaged – enraged might be more accurate – artist Bill Featherston didn’t believe in subliminal messages. William Lorne Featherston, who was born in Toronto in …

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  • The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery

The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery

The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery provides a pictorial history of the many facets of the area’s development over the years. Acknowledging the presence of First Nations peoples in the region, photographs show the history of agriculture, forest industries, mining and …

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