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  • the ephemeral landscape

the ephemeral landscape

Richard Reid

May 30 - August 15, 2015

At art school, Richard Reid began his work primarily as a printmaker exploring the various qualities of intaglio printing, (etching, engraving, drypoint, aquatint, etc).  With the prints, the essence of his work had clear ‘painterly’ attributes.  After art school, he …

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  • Between Subject and Object

Between Subject and Object

Leah Weinstein

May 30 - August 15, 2015

Using everyday objects and materials to create sculpture, textiles and performance, my artistic practice investigates ​relationships between individuals and collectives, self and other, inward and outward spaces. Drawing on strategies found in both art and design, my work hovers between …

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  • Fields, Forest & Flowers

Fields, Forest & Flowers

Zshu Zshu Mark

May 30 - August 15, 2015

Zshu-Zshu Mark has had many exhibits in Canada and internationally with works in various private and public collections throughout Europe, Japan, Australia, USA and Canada. She is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Langara College …

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  • Tom Thomson and The Grey Canoe

Tom Thomson and The Grey Canoe

Tom Thomson

May 9 - November 15, 2015

Everything he produced grew out of his experience, and he painted himself into it all. Lismer to J.M. MacCallum, 21 July 1917, private collection.   It has been almost 100 years since Tom Thomson’s death. During that time he has …

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  • The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery

The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery

The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery provides a pictorial history of the many facets of the area’s development over the years. Acknowledging the presence of First Nations peoples in the region, photographs show the history of agriculture, forest industries, mining and …

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