East Heritage Gallery: The 70’s

“If you remember the 70’s. You weren’t REALLY there.”

Earlier this year, the gallery 2 Heritage Committee decided to concentrate on specific “decade“ themes for our East Heritage Gallery. We wished to create an exhibit that was relevant to an exciting time in  our lives and many of yours, The 70’s.
It has been said that “If you remember the 70’s you weren’t REALLY there”. Our committee soon discovered that much of the 70’s we remembered , wasn’t really from the 70’s but had migrated from the 60’s and overflowed into the eighties.
Our request to our gallery 2 members to assist us with our collection of memorabilia was enthusiastically embraced. You all have come forward with some terrific
photos and 70’s items and we thank you .

So beginning April 22nd, join us in reliving the sights and sounds of the 70’s.  We will have a formal reception on May 11, 2013.

Throughout this summer we will be refreshing our exhibit with different 70’s treasures, so plan on visiting more than once.
Let’s see how much of the 70’s you REALLY remember.

Judith, Maureen, and Sandy


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