• Turning Over

Turning Over

David Milton

September 10 - November 19, 2016

The invitation to do this exhibition, coming, as it did, while I was contemplating retiring from wood turning endeavours (at age seventy-seven), allows me to welcome you to my final exhibition hoping that you will be as enamored by the form, texture, colour, aesthetics and/or utility of the work as I was while working from the rough.
Over the years I had the good fortune to be in quite close proximity to lathes in various places around the world and, as the exigencies of raising a family and working full-time at other endeavours became less pressing, turning wood became a passion.
My turning experiences span more than six decades, during which time the use of fine steel in firm hands translated ideas into products and this, coupled with the pleasure of achievement over risk management, is captured in the word ‘craftsmanship.’
I am well-traveled and revel in the company of trees, though not in a druidic sense; I served in the jungle in Malaya, spent time on remote islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, lived among the mopane woodlands of the Central African Plateau, traveled all over Europe – usually among mountains and forests, and have enjoyed much the same since coming to Canada. My family and I planted seventeen thousand trees as shelter belt when we farmed in Manitoba. I have become thoroughly immersed in the ethic of gaining as much as possible from the wood in my care and am deeply troubled by what seems to me to be, generally, the world-wide plunder of the forest resource.
I have competed successfully, sold well, taught the craft, created woodworking fraternities here and there and am well pleased. It is time to leave this stage and, in so doing, thank all the people along my wood-turning journey who gave unstintingly of their time, encouragement and expertise to make this journey the undeniable pleasure it was. Thank you all.
My mother used to say, “Life is a rich mosaic, incomplete until you place your tile in it.” I’d better find something to do, gotta fill that space!

Dave Milton,
Grand Forks, B.C.
July, 2016.