Leaf of Legacy

Prominently displayed in the upstairs foyer is a steel tree sculpture by Salmo artist Andrew Raney with ceramic leaves by Bree Lockhart of Christina Lake.

This “Donor Tree” is the Grand Forks Art Gallery Society’s way of recognizing donors.
Past financial support is accumulative and donors will be acknowledged as Patrons with a “Leaf of Legacy” as their total donations reach $500 to $999 or as Benefactors upon reaching $1000 or more.

Donations to Gallery 2 can be specified for certain Funds.

These are:

  • The Endowment Fund
  • The Richard & Beverley Reid Scholarship Fund
  • The Permanent Collection Acquisition Fund

Please stop by Gallery 2 to make your donation or mail it to: Box 2140, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0. A tax receipt will be issued for donations over $10.00, just be sure we have your mailing address.

Again, thank you for all your support whether as members, volunteers, or financial donors; it has always been greatly appreciated.


Fran Allison
Maryann Ashbury
Undine Barber
James & Lynne Burch
Wendy Butterfield
Kathy Campbell
Diana Carr/Ron Liddle
City of Grand Forks
Sandy & Don Colclough
Nora Curiston
Anne & Waldo
Dahl Steve & Marianne Danshin
Dave Dale Insurance
Sherry Dupee/ Cox
Mary Elliott
Janet & Ken Flagel
Joyce Flannigan
Waverley Gant
Erna & Bill Gobbett
GF Construction
Nikola & Wanda Hecht
Justin Hines
Kaye Hunt
Doreen Johns
John Dan Keys
Letty & Randall Kohn
Frank & Marge Koide
John Kostoff
Debra & Ray LaFleur
Marnie Livingstone
Judith Lloyd
Christy Luke/ Mike Elliott
Zshu Zshu Mark
Leslie & Ed Mathews
Doolee McDonnell
Audrey Morrison
Bob & Jane Morton
Colette & John Nilson
PK Page
Phoenix Foundation
Marjorie McClelland/ Charlie Watters
Judy McNamara
Barbara Reid
Don Reid
Richard & Beverley Reid
Barbara Robinson
William & Susan Robinson
Charles Ross
Rudy Sanberg
Kay Senay
Senay Family
Dr. Simon
Dave & Sharon Skelton
Alena & Adam Spears
Jim Pattison Foundation
Rosita Tovell
Erika & Dan Vonbank
John & Maryann Westaway
Joanne Wetherall
Marlene Wollenberg
Barb & Dan Zabinsky

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