Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 1998 by the director Richard Reid and the Board of Trustees of the Grand Forks Art Gallery Society. The fund aims to establish strategic endowments in all key priority areas of the gallery, such as the acquisition of works of art, curatorial research and support, restoration, conservation of works of art, education, public programs and to support the long-term objectives and operations of the Gallery

The Grand Forks Art Gallery Endowment Fund seeks the support of art enthusiasts and philanthropists to help ensure the long-term viability and success the gallery.

There are several ways to contribute to the endowment fund.

Immediate financial gifts
Gifts of works of art and or other property.
Planned and different gifts such as bequests, securities property, life insurance and so on.

What is an endowment fund?

The Grand Forks Art Gallery Endowment fund has established one of the most effective ways to provide the gallery with meaningful and long-lasting perpetual support of programs and activities. With this fund, donations are held and invested in perpetuity. The investment income is directed to the designated activities of the gallery. This fund establishes a greater degree of financial stability and guaranteed income to carry out its projects and programs.

What is a special Project fund?

A special Project fund is designated to a specific project, for a specific period of time, with the funds being directed accordingly.

Estate gifts – bequests.

A gift through your estate to the Grand Forks Art Gallery Endowment Fund helps to ensure that future generations will experience exhibitions and programs of historical and contemporary art, while ensuring the long-term health of the gallery.

Donors are appropriately acknowledged in the annual report and the donor recognition area in the gallery, and are invited to attend special events at the gallery.

Planned gift donors are encouraged to have their plans reviewed by their professional advisors and by the gallery.

Named Endowments

If your gift is $20,000 or more, you may establish a named endowment fund through the Grand Forks Art Gallery Endowment Fund. Named endowments may be established during your lifetime, or through a bequest. You may make a general endowment that will provide vital support to all areas of the Gallery and allow the Gallery to designate support to the area of greatest need. Alternatively, you may establish a special-purpose endowment in consultation with Gallery staff. Donors of Named Endowments receive permanent recognition through our published donor listings and will be acknowledged in perpetuity on the Gallery’s Donor Recognition Area. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to work with a donor to develop appropriate recognition specific to the particular gift.

For further information about Estate or Endowment Giving opportunities, contact the Director.

Endowment Fund

The Grand Forks Art Gallery continues the development of the Endowment Fund with the intent of securing a perpetual source of funding. The capital in this fund remains permanently secure with only the proceeds available for exhibition and educational programming. At present, the Gallery and the Phoenix Foundation each administer one-half of the fund. The present value (July 2004) of the fund is now over $26,000 and our goal this year is to reach $30,000. Donations to the Endowment Fund will receive a charitable organization tax receipt and your contribution noted on the donor’s plaque.

Permanent Collection Acquisitions Fund

The Grand Forks Art Gallery’s continuing growth of the collection can be assured through the acquisition of works of art that reflects the art history of our region. Donations can be made either as works of art or cash donations. Donations over $10 are eligible for a tax receipt. Your name, or that of someone you wish to honour, will forever be attached to the painting and recognized each time the work is exhibited.

Donations of Artworks to the Permanent Collection

The Grand Forks Art Gallery is actively building its collection of artworks and archival material relating to the art and art history of British Columbia, Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest, and their related influences. The gallery is currently in the process of applying for Canadian Cultural Properties Certification which will provide donors increased tax benefits. Donors will also be recognized each time the works are exhibited. For more information on the gallery and our collection, please contact the
Director, Ted Fogg at (250) 442-2211 or by e-mail gfagchin@direct.ca

Donations of Books for the Art Library

The Grand Forks Art Gallery is actively looking to build its collection of reference material and books in the gallery library relating to art and art history. Donors will be recognized with a label in each book or, in cases where a whole library is donated, with a plaque in the library.

Donations to the Building Fund

The Grand Forks Art Gallery is in the process of relocating to the former Provincial Courthouse Building. Donations to the building fund will assist with this project. Donors will be recognized in various forms in the new facility.

Richard and Beverley Reid Scholarship For Young Artists

Donations to this fund will provide an annual scholarship to a graduating high school student who is pursuing an arts education at a post-secondary institution. As time goes on it is hoped that this award will continue to grow and continue to provide encouragement and much needed funds to enable students to further their studies in the arts. Richard Reid was the founder of the gallery and Director from 1983-2003. Beverley Reid was Curator from 1983-1990.

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