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Studio Watch

Steve Howard

May 5 to June 2, 2012

I am witness to and participant in the evolution of the Human experience. My experiences and that of the collective are connected through time and space by Web; strong yet delicate, weaving together the richly textured story of life, flowing from the past to the present and through the future. This web connects us all making us all One – One with nature, with universal love, with creation. I use everyday objects both man-made and natural as well as colour, texture, shadow and form to express my perspective on, and place within this story.

By layering paint, found objects, photography collage, and sculpture I strive to create windows into new realms, realms seen in the mind’s eye, the soul or perhaps, a dream state. To make these windows, I gather fragments from time and space, whispers from the layers that make up what we do and do not see, experiences generated by emotions spirituality & other human conditions. I paint compressed moments which express the flow of life’s endless spirals, the rhythms of the Earth.

I am inspired by the layers within reality. What is it that divides one realm from another? I am excited by the circles within my experience and how closely the dream and waking state really are. In my art I create a narrative between these layers, circles & webs. I explore balance, tension, and motion in the union of the material and spiritual world. I create playful connection to the world around me through abstract art.

Steve Howard
April, 2012