• Riverspines


Tanya Pixie Johnson

January 19 to April 17, 2013

Tanya Pixie Johnson’s mixed media installations explore the natural environment and our physiological and spiritual relationship to it.
The vertical symmetry immediately evokes references to the human spine and nervous system, less obvious is the allusion to rivers and water. It is when we mentally orientate the images horizontally that we understand the river reference.
“The work has been an exploration of the river’s edge, the Slu7kin (Slocan), and the Shiwnitqua (Columbia), of the very meeting between land and water and the reflection thereby created. The idea of playing with the direction of axis, making the horizontal vertical. The rendering of image that includes its reflection. The referencing of the human body in the land and water and its meeting, and the alluding to the skin of the water.
I explore through colour, form and abstract form, representations of the dream, the vision, the thought, the sacred and the physicalness of being human. My research includes the exploration of history through archives, maps, stories. I am intrigued by the body, the spine, nerves, senses, and the dialogue between the body and the landscape”.
Tanya Pixie Johnson

Tanya Pixie Johnson was born Kenya and spent most of her youth in South Africa. She attended the Frank Joubert Art School and the Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town, where she received an honours degree in fine art, majoring in painting. Following travels in southern Africa and Europe she made her way to Canada and now lives in Winlaw, BC.