• Intersections: Full Circle Art Collective

Intersections: Full Circle Art Collective

Julie McIntyre, Hannamari Jalovaara, Jocelyn Barrable-Segal, Rina Pita, Heather Aston, Milos Jones, Wendy Morosoff Smith, Brigitte Potter-Mael

May 11 - July 27, 2013

Intersections; a place where encounters happen and discoveries are made.

Despite the diversity of imagery, subject matter, methodology and technique used by the artists of the Full Circle Art Collective, a remarkable cross-over of shared themes and iconographies is made visible in the wide visual spectrum of this exhibition.

 The works themselves evoke a dialogue between one another. In addition, the viewer may be drawn in through language in order to entice them to locate the visual intersections. The accom­panying linguistic clues suggest underlying conceptual associations, and may engage the viewer in a creative dialogue with each of the intersecting works.

Full Circle Art Collective evolved when the artists, having worked in the same communal studio in Vancouver for many years, were finding themselves on physically separate paths, yet there was a desire to stay connected. Each artist from the Collective brings a distinct, mature signature to their work, and by pooling talents, experience, strengths and connections, they have united to further their art practice.

An opening reception for
Intersections will be held Saturday, May 11, 2013  1-3pm. A number of Full Circle Art Collective members will be in attendance.