• Implied Narratives

Implied Narratives

Lisa Rezansoff

February 4 to April 14, 2012

My studio practice is inspired by memories of the mountain landscape where I grew up, and by the immediate and sensual circumstance of mark-making. I am interested in the communicative properties of line, in what happens when I trust my hand to remember.

There is a place that exists, a forest and a river, which continues to have a powerful influence on me as I engage with the present. The process of drawing allows me to create and reflect on an ongoing personal narrative, one that is non-linear in nature and is a record of an intuitive action occurring somewhere between memory and the realm of imagination.

In a broad sense, I use the forest as a metaphor for imagination. Objects, human figures and spaces can appear recognizable, or ambiguous and dreamlike. What seems recognizable, then, acts as an invitation for the viewer to enter into this new visual world, and to contemplate theirown experience. I do not attempt to capture an objective reality. Instead, I hope my work conveys some essential quality of the place or moment that inspired the mark, while remaining open-ended in its narrative possibilities.