• Faces of Nature

Faces of Nature

Ted Diakow

November 5 to January 28, 2012

After completing four years of Art School in Calgary
Then winning the “All Alberta Show” in painting,
I was not to paint again. With this show, I have gone
Back to my first love.
I let the space of the composition translate the feeling
Of what I am seeing. It is not a safe journey. I start with
An idea, and it grows with elements of form, colour,
Space, into a two-dimension form on a flat plane.
A tempting idea, does it work?
It’s another step in the direction I am searching.
There is no reality, everything changing as it flows
Into many illusions. My world changed this year around
Me, my inner space remained the same.
In the paintings my inner space is that landscape, teh
Abstract that is given form.
I use photographic references which I take myself.
I search the landscape for something, that is hidden
In my being.