Opening Reception

February 1, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
gallery 2
524 Central Ave.
Tina Bryan

Join us on February 2nd for our first Opening Reception of 2019. Please take note this is an evening opening.

Reid Gallery
Deborah Thompson
Pan-dulum: A call to Unreason

Pan-dulum: a call to unreason is the outcome of Deborah Thompson’s ongoing research into the poles of instinct between hope and fear. These manifest as extremes of anxiety that volley between panic and rapture. Her response to these conditions is an invocation to the pagan god of nature, Pan.
This exhibition questions our impulse to please a system that does not serve us and refuses our individuality. If our instincts of caring, nourishing and relation building are absent from the dominant discourse, then everyone suffers. Pan-dulum manifests the swing from extremes of our instinctual wisdom from the throngs of high stress and over achieving to forms of escapism and transcendence. Pan’s presence is a desperate call for something different: a wisdom born of unreason in a culture driven by reason.

Thompson’s paintings and sculpture court the chaos that rides at the fringes of the mind and society. Drawing on philosophical writings and pondering the nature of mental health, these works engage a disturbance of order that can become the seedbed of a new source of wisdom, born from unreason. It is a call for connection to our instincts – it is urgent that we bring the wisdom of nature to consciousness!

Fogg Gallery
Stephanie Kellett
ReWilding: fire starter

 Re-Wilding: fire starter explores the transformation that occurs when a domesticated life form returns to its wild state. During the research phase of this project, Stephanie Kellett immersed herself for six weeks into the deep wilderness of the Chilcotin Plateau. Nearly four weeks into the trip, she noticed that the simple and everyday action of collecting twigs for fire starter connected her to a deep remembering of a time when all people lived closer to the earth.
Through the burning and painting of these collected twigs, the bundles became both effigies of the landscapes from which they came, and offerings that kept the artist warm and spirit fed. This exhibit shares these offerings through the mediums of acrylic painting, video, found-object installation, and soundscape. Enjoy, then go outside.

West Gallery
Grand Forks Modern – works from the permanent collection
Curated by Tim van Wijk

The Gallery 2 permanent collection contains works spanning a broad spectrum of styles and mediums. For this exhibition, Gallery 2’s director/curator has selected work on the cusp of the transition from the clarity of high modernism to the messy middle of post-modernism and beyond. From hard edge colour field acrylics and abstract serigraphs to photo collage and conceptual assemblies, the range of work in the collection is impressive. Grand Forks Modern juxtaposes pieces by locally significant artists with more nationally recognized works, situating the Gallery 2 permanent collection and the regional artistic activity of the Boundary within the larger art narrative of the late 20th century.

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