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Florence Chernoff Lymburner

Florence Chernoff-Lymburner was born on a communal Doukhobor farm in Verigin, Saskatchewan. She was educated in Grand Forks and attended UBC for an education degree. Travel and painting are her passions. Inspiration comes from her childhood memories, nature and travels. Her one goal is to preserve the Doukhobor heritage for future generations. She has attained this already by completing a large collection of oil paintings that originated from her travels to Russia and Georgia, the original homeland. She studied oil painting with artists who painted in the Russian impressionist traditions. Her subject matter includes portraits, still life, interiors and landscapes.

"I am drawn to the splendor of nature and people. I paint whatever subject excites me. Seeing life around, through an artist's eye has enriched my life and my vision, and I see beauty everywhere. I use strong colours and bold brush strokes in my work to accomplish this."

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