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Maureen Hove

I am a retired school teacher and principal who’s other vocation has always been drawing and painting. I began drawing when very young, and in high school took art classes at the Vancouver School of Art. In those days, I was rarely to be seen without my sketchbook, pencils and pens. Although I learned to love line, and developed a passion for drawing in pen and ink, I also began to be interested in watercolour.   Over the years, I have worked with various artists, including Bob Campbell, Dora Richmond, Sharon Olfert and Vaughn Butland.  From each of them, I have learned a great deal about light, colour and shape. I first visited Grand Forks when I met my husband in 1964; he grew up here in the Kettle Valley.  I have spent many a happy hour over the years drawing and painting the scenery hereabouts. My ambition now is to really explore my life-long love of painting and drawing, to find and develop my own aesthetic vision.
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