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Brian Roche

September 27 - November 15, 2014


It all started when my mum read my kindergarten report card to me at the age of 5.

” Brian shows a strong interest in art.” – is what the teacher wrote.
So this is what i am, what i am to be. Thanks teach’.
Considering the pay, i’d preferred rocket scientist or benevolent dictator.
I paint because i seem to have a lot on my mind.
Artists like Magritte, Goya , David Salle and Woody Allen inspire me.
I like to call what I do “sloppy-realism”. It’s all mine and you can’t have it.
I have been painting like this for over 25 years.

A short lifetime of visual complaining.
However, lately, i’ve dispensed with using movie stars as props .
To quote my late friend Lenore, who put it to me rather succinctly;
“Just get to the point, don’t be so f***ing subtle ! ”
In 1976 i moved to the Grand Forks BC, painted naked women, and said very little.
In 1981 i attended DTUC in Nelson BC. I studied art and struggled to find my own groove. In 1985 i returned to Vancouver, painted furiously, wore black and exhibited in artist run galleries. Tiring of poverty i worked in the video game industry throughout the nineties – put on weight and became somewhat of a malcontent. I gave up painting altogether in 2000. Thus began my navel gazing years ( not recommended ).Then one dark and stormy night in November of 2005, i decided to take the happy road – dealt with some internal demons, lost weight & picked up the brushes. I paint, I swim, I dance the Hoochie-coo.♫