Treelines - Gwen MacGregor

May 11 - August 3, 2024
Central Gallery


Gwen MacGregor


Treelines assembles a series of Gwen MacGregor’s photographs and videos with a forest of crocheted trees—altering perspectives, toying with memory, loss, and environmental degradation.
Crocheted reproductions of the clear-cut trees, some made with coloured yarn, others of recycled plastic, are inserted into the landscape and photographed against a backdrop of clearcuts, slag heaps, and powerlines.
Contrasting the accessibility and intimacy of crocheting against the selective framing and gloss of photography and video, Treelines encourages us to think closely about our relationship with the land. Where crochet embeds time and labour in tangible loops of yarn, digital media records selective moments and juxtapositions. MacGregor’s crocheted trees tug at fractured collective memory just as her photographs scale the vastness of environmental change