Sanguine Through the Storm

September 3 - November 16, 2019 

Robyn Moody


Sanguine Through the Storm takes a hard look at the unsettling times that we live in; acknowledging the breakdown of evidence based discourse and ultimately finding inspiration and hope in human ingenuity. Robyn Moody’s ambitious installation began as an homage to clever repair for leaky pipes – strings of linked buckets drip water from the ceiling, activating lights within and music from a vintage organ. What began as a joyful treatment of space and material results in a cacophony of light and sound that reflects our collective anxiety.

The installation takes advantage of the double height volume of the Reid Gallery, juxtaposing the coffered wooden ceiling details and vintage stained glass clerestory windows with multi-coloured hardware store buckets and utilitarian tubing. The experience of Sanguine Through the Storm manifests the cognitive dissonance surrounding the current global political and ecological climate, eliciting conflicted emotional responses.