Member's Salon: Show and Sale

Member’s Salon:
Show & Sale

November 28 to December 16, 2023

The Member's Salon: Show and Sale is more than an exhibition; it's a kaleidoscopic display of creativity.

At its core, the Member's Salon is a testament to the pulsating creative spirit that animates Gallery 2 - Grand Forks Art Gallery. The walls of the gallery become a canvas upon which the collective imagination of our esteemed members is splashed, creating a visually stunning journey through the minds of the community's artists.

This unique display invites visitors to embark on a sensory adventure, exploring the depths of artistic ability and the myriad ways in which our members interpret the world around them.

The event serves as a platform for both seasoned and emerging artists to unveil their latest works, offering a glimpse into the evolution of their artistic voices. The diverse range of mediums, styles, and themes on display not only reflects the individuality of each artist but also underscores the inclusive and nurturing environment fostered by the Grand Forks Art Gallery.

The gallery invites everyone to partake in this celebration of creativity - trumpeting the cultural fabric of our community.