Flood (re)views

June 8 - August 17, 2019
Fogg Gallery

Flood (re) views

Leta Heiberg

In response to the devastating flooding of the Kettle River in 2018, Leta Heiberg has created a multi-medium series of drawings based around aerial footage taken during and immediately after the floods. The works depicts water flowing from mountain snow pack at an impressive speed - gaining volume and speed as it inundated areas previously considered high ground.

Water is its own entity in the work, multi-coloured and dynamic, contrasting surrounding landscapes in shades of black and white. Cheerful rainbow hues reveal as range of contamination washed in the watershed. As colour drains from the landscape, the shift in power becomes clear - control of the environment is impossible in an increasingly erratic world. Flood (re) view is a call to action to process what has happened on a deeper level and re-examine our relationship with a landscape that, while familiar, can become bewilderingly hostile in an instant.