Boat Without A Boat - Deborah Thompson

May 11 - August 3, 2024
Reid & West Galleries

Boat Without A Boat

Deborah Thompson


Boat without a Boat features brand new work from Nelson-based painter Deborah Thompson. In the exhibition, elaborate cut paper drawings form narrative constellations which become the basis of stop motion animation works. Each piece forms from a mosaic of related associations that reach into art history, mythology, poetry, and media images as points of reference in building the work. They often begin with a central figure that moves out across the wall, adding other figures and components as the narrative unfolds. Within this process are woven the metaphysical questions around creation and death that continue to inspire Deborah’s practice. These new works bring the drawn image to the foreground, building on the underlying modality of a career spent imagining transformations of consciousness and of putting into image something felt rather than seen.