• Wackem Sackem

Wackem Sackem

Glenn Clark

May 12- July 14, 2018

Glenn Clark has been a hockey player all his life, and he has worked in the museum industry for the past 30 years. The kinetic, interactive works in Wackem Sackem question the rules of the gallery and invite viewers to participate. Wackem Sackem began with the 32-foot mural Best of Seven, which portrays a giant table hockey game, viewed as if you were five inches tall and standing in the middle of the ongoing game of 1950’s table hockey. From there, Clark has developed interactive pieces depicting iconic and often violent scenes from the golden age of hockey complete with handles to animate the scenes.

Galleries can get a reputation of being elitist or stand-offish. Like hockey players once in a while, let’s break some rules; touch the art, make clanging noises, laugh loudly and play. Maybe learn a bit about our hockey heritage and the colourful characters that were once household names.