• Toys Were Us

Toys Were Us

Nora Curiston

February 8 to September 2014

The pine needles have been vacuumed from the rug, the decorations lovingly repacked for another year and egg nog and fruitcake have disappeared from the grocery store shelves, but we all hope that the toys our children received from Santa are still in use and will be for months to come. It is this childhood joy and wonderful spirit of play, that we often associate with Christmas, that the Heritage Committee would like to capture and savour in our  “Toys WERE US” display. Please come  and participate in this wonderful exhibit, bring your children and let them experience the toys of yesteryear.
The Heritage Committee: Nora Curiston, Judith Lloyd, Sandy MacKelir, Maureen Shields, Ted Fogg, Wendy Butterfield and Tina Bryan