• Tiptoe Through Nature

Tiptoe Through Nature

The Grand Forks Quilt Connection

May 14 - August 27, 2016

Allow yourself to tiptoe though ‘nature’, from forests and meadows, to gardens large and small.  Don’t step on the tiny wildflowers.  Take a moment in contemplation and awe of vistas large and little.  Sneak up on bighorn sheep, deer, marmots, eagles, geese, ducks and pretty song birds to snap their pictures.  Hear the stillness of the lakes, the rumble of streams and rivers, the twitter of birds and cawing of ravens, the wind in the leaves of trees.  Breathe in the dry scorching heat, the dampness of morning mists and dew, the intoxicating scents of roses, sweet pea, lavender and newly mowed grass.  Embrace the clear mid-day blue skies and the warm colors of evening or the cool and grey skies of winter.  Rejoice in your family whether near or far.

All these are the inspirations for the fiber art works in this show.  The challenge begins with drawing and designing the piece. Then, detailed planning or to work intuitively?  Realistic, representational or abstract, and to what degree?  

Then the methods and techniques must be considered –  piecing or applique, raw-edge or neatly turned under?  Start with white cotton and paint it?  Learn to use digital interface?  Use commercial fabrics, batiks, dye or paint your own?  Learn the dyeing techniques or paint with textile paints and dyes, acrylics, paint sticks, crayons, pastels, and which medium or heat will fasten the colorants.

All of the participants in this show agree that it is the process that’s motivating, challenging and rewarding and the results, if satisfactory, are the icing on the cake.

We hope you will enjoy the show and the results of our efforts as much as we have loved producing these works.

Stephanie Alcock, Diana Bartelings, Emilie Belak, Laura Jean Cuthbert, Arielle Gerencser, Helen Hatch, Susan Meanley, Anne Rayner-Gould, Karen Thatcher, Florence Vatkin, Sheila Vockeroth

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 1-3pm