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Studio Watch

Anne Dahl

May 17 - June 14, 2014

In my art journey at the present time I enjoy working on the development and expression of my art using conté pastels that blend colours beautifully like a painting as I focus on drawing my detailed landscapes.

My Art Journey: Then and Now

My interest in art began early encouraged by my artistic mother. When I was twelve, I received an oil painting set and began painting on pieces of glass. In high school I won a poster contest for a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery. As a young mother I continued to take art classes from the Emily Carr travelling art week-end workshops and I also fit in art classes during my education university years.

After my retirement in 1996 I took four years of intensive art classes in Grand Forks with Neil Brown where I learned to use various mediums from pencil, pen and ink, watercolour, to pastels to produce still life drawings from fruit and flowers to the human form to landscapes. I enjoy drawing detailed landscapes and use my scenic photographs to capture the light of the moment and to stay true to the details.

Gallery 2 (formerly the Grand Forks Art Gallery) is my connection and lifeline to my art interests because it is where I volunteer, have my art in the rental program, and exhibit my work in local art shows. Art is my richly rewarding pastime.