• Boundaries


Leora Gesser

July 19 - September 20, 2014

Artist Statement:
Environmental scientists, like Forman and Moore (1992) have been studying boundaries in landscapes for many years. “Boundaries are often the most conspicuous features on land, yet our understanding of boundaries depends largely on how we perceive land. Does one focus on 1) a boundary-less pattern of gradients (like certain impressionist paintings, 2) patches in a mosaic, or 3) a network of corridors?”(Forman and Moore, 1992)
“Boundaries”, my current exhibit, is as much about the changing environment as it is about my perception of the landscape. By recording the living and breathing areas that surround me, I want to pay homage to the landscape that has become so much part of my fabric. I did not realize that this integration existed so wholeheartedly until this body of work began to emerge. Landscape also includes decomposition, erosion and destruction. The patterns, mosaics and corridors of its boundaries are exposed to change in ways that reconfigure what I have known for years. The permanent and the fluid are both aspects that are important in my work.
When I spend time hiking the mountains and trails of BC, I see the solid and the shifting landscape as a fantastic assembly of incongruent shapes and forms. Through this work I want to explore these perceptions by referencing what is recognizable and what is skewed. I am taking this opportunity to discover the harmonies and chaos, the beauty and confusion, and the realities and abstractions found in our natural world.

Leora Gesser (b. 1952 in Montreal) is a BC artist, retired college instructor, published researcher and academic. She has created theatre sets, designed and painted a cover for a published research book and has shown in student exhibitions. She attended the Alberta College of Art and Design for four years (2003, 2008 – 2011) where she actively participated in the Painting and Drawing Department. She works mainly with mixed media but enjoys collage, sculpture, and print making. For her most recent exhibit, Leora uses a process which includes photography, collage and painting. She creates landscapes that invite viewers into what appears, at first glance, to be known territory. Upon entry, however, the skewed perspective, the unrecognizable terrain and the reassembling of reality become more apparent. The work is meant to push viewers to see the unpredictability and uncertainty in their own landscapes and challenges their beliefs in the harmony and serenity found in the natural world around them.

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, July 19, 2014 from 1-3 pm