• Between Subject and Object

Between Subject and Object

Leah Weinstein

May 30 - August 15, 2015

Using everyday objects and materials to create sculpture, textiles and performance, my artistic practice investigates ​relationships between individuals and collectives, self and other, inward and outward spaces. Drawing on strategies found in both art and design, my work hovers between display and active use, challenging notions of fixed outcomes or ideals by offering up as many problems as solutions. Through performative objects with imagined utilities, my work attempts to reframe utopianism in a contemporary context, examining spaces between distant ideals and the immediate nearness of the body.

Garments act as extensions of bodies, symbolizing both individuality and collectivity. Evoking the body of the wearer (or wearers), these sculptural works examine social spaces around bodies, highlighting complex relationships between self and other. By creating material spaces within which to explore embodied experiences, these works blur distinctions between subject and object, examining their entangled nature.

I would like to acknowledge the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance for support in the production of this work.

Opening Reception May 30 from 1-3pm