• Landlocked


Tiki Mulvihill

July 15 - September 9, 2017

Since initial graduation (BFA, MA University of Idaho) the ‘reluctant nomad’, Tiki Mulvihill, continually alternated between rural and urban communities throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Constant transience activated her art-making strategies requiring commitment, ingenuity and a strong dose of self-motivation towards site-spawned installations, which generated ongoing discourse regarding the supposed truths we humans construct in our conflicted relationships with place. Diverse employment as an instructor of art and dance; curating; along with coordination of educational art programs and art collections provided impetus for experimentation in multi-disciplinary, collaborative and community work. Her completion of MFA (University of Calgary) furthered her goal of varied connections through art.
Currently working out of a studio in North Vancouver, Mulvihill creates larger multi-media installations and sculptures while engaging in a number of collaborative and community-based activities. Mulvihill customarily begins with a fictional premise, such as a fabricated place or an imaginary historical individual, as a conceptual structure to voice contradictions of belonging in disparate environments. Her engagement of community, combined with exploration of place and multiple approaches to process, result in installations that bridge the gap between imaginary and actual: between fact and fiction.
In the past five years, Mulvihill immersed collaborative processes within her art practice. Ventures with a fellow artist Fae Logie led to founding membership with Art is Land Network, an artist collective whose shared connection is the use of natural and repurposed materials to engage with the landscape. As well, recent affiliations with artists from theatrical fields, dance and textiles invoked intra-disciplinary approaches to sites. The resultant Performance works, derived from these affiliations, develop unique impulses for viewer interpretation of place and art.
Tili will be in attendence at the opening reception on Saturday, July 15, from 1-3pm.