Current Exhibitions

  • Wackem Sackem

Wackem Sackem

Glenn Clark

May 12- July 14, 2018

Glenn Clark has been a hockey player all his life, and he has worked in the museum industry for the past 30 years. The kinetic, interactive works in Wackem Sackem question the rules of the gallery and invite viewers to …

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  • prefers drawing pictures

prefers drawing pictures

Don Mabie AKA Chuck Stake

May 12- July 14, 2018

Words/text have been the primary form/content of Don Mabie’s drawings since 1969. This new body of work seeks to extend and amplify his standard approach to drawing, exploring “non-objective” (wordless) drawings. Drawings in this series have had the words buried; …

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  • Nakusps Narratives

Nakusps Narratives

Wendy Toogood

May 12- July 14, 2018

For Naksup Narratives, Wendy Toogood has created 40 new fabric constructions documenting her day to day activities. Initially structured around quickly made line drawings depicting a specific activity or theme, the pieces are then meticulously collaged and embellished with hand …

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  • The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery

The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery

The Grand Forks Heritage Gallery provides a pictorial history of the many facets of the area’s development over the years. Acknowledging the presence of First Nations peoples in the region, photographs show the history of agriculture, forest industries, mining and …

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